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So I’m just curious if there is a different storyline for Pandaran whenever you reach the point where the factions discover Pandaria…. Like…. It seems weird that you came from Pandaria (or the culture at least) and yet the wars will be “your” wars and “your” issues, as if you are now somehow foriegn to the Pandarian way of life. 

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World of Warcraft Cities 8/12 - Stormwind

Home of the Humans

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I seriously spent a good half hour just running back and forth trying to get hit by this thing

I seriously spent a good half hour just running back and forth trying to get hit by this thing

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So I gave up WoW for lent….. I did this a couple years back when I was really addicted, so it wasn’t as bad this time around.

And tonight is the first night back


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Just got my Panda into Org the other day…… And I found this ^.^

1. A few weeks back when I was leveling my shammy through the classic zones, I always saw a Tauren couple sitting in Orgrimmar like this too

2. My boyfriend and I actually did level up a Tauren (druid) couple a few years back (this is in reference to your tag ‘tauren couple’ lol) and we were named after his parents :)

1. Lol. I feel like this is some sort of underground WoW joke. (like Dwarf Priest)

2. Lol. How cute xD 

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Horde Pandaren

Backstory: I have been playing a DK for some time in MoP. And, while I have enjoyed it and all, I have branched out into other classes, namely healing. I made a dwarf Priest, for the sake of the meme, and liked just sitting back and healing in dungeons. However, I wasn’t doing much healing, (low level), and was just bubbling, and got really bored. Then I became interested in a Shaman, mainly for the totems. I didn’t want two Alliance healers, so I made a Tauren shaman. Why Tauren? Because they are really the only horde race that I don’t have anything against. I actually don’t really have anything against any Horde race except for Undead…. Just evil. (and yes I have made an Undead…. It was just the storyline and their mindset I didn’t like… more on this later). So, after leveling my Shaman to like, 30 something, I got bored because again, I wasn’t healing alot. Well I was actually, but not raid healing. So I finally decided to make a pandaran. 

Pandaran 1: My first pandaran experience lasted about two and a half days. I really wanted it to last because I really like the pandaran’s peaceful attitude. (Kind of represents my mindset irl). I loved the emotions and just everything about Shen-zin Shu; (the quest pattern was really redundant though). Because I made this pandaran at a whim on my PVP server, I “instinctively” chose the Alliance with my higher levels. The choice, for that reason, was rather simple. But I didn’t agree with it because the Alliance didn’t seem to do much other than request I save them. It was iffy leaving Ji behind too, because the Pandaran quest line didn’t really open up to Ayesha or w/e. 

I join the Alliance, and meeting Varian was just as I expected: full of dignity. Then his controversial fake fight came and it was just ok. All of the respect one would expect towards a Pandaran was given. But I felt like I didn’t have to earn it. And something just didn’t feel right. 

Pandaran 2: The next day or so I decided to make a Horde Pandaran, especially after reading about the faction introductions. This time, the faction introduction didn’t feel “right”, in fact it was much worse. But this allows for a much bigger story and meaning to be Pandaran. Personally, I am not against the Horde. Just the Undead because they, I believe, are truly evil. The other horde races are just misunderstood or refuse to negotiate. And with the orignial introdcution of Garrosh as the Horde leader, I gained more respect for the Horde’s ideals. Until I made a Pandaran. I don’t believe Garrosh was orignally a bad person, just very abrasive, and power has now gone to his head. He seems to insult almost every Horde race any chance he gets, and shows little respect for newcomers. 

Why Horde Pandaren Make More Sense:

Horde Pandaren are shown little respect when the first enter Org, and enter a corrupt civilization with many social issues. When the Pandaren enter the Alliance, they are shown all the respect they deserve and are can’t “fix” the Alliance because they are already based on peace, (maybe), and just have that aura of purity. (even though they may not be pure). The Horde, for me, seem broken. Always have. And I can accept playing a Pandaren on Horde because it feels like I am a bearer of goodness and life that the Horde seems to lack. Now, after experiencing the wrath of Garrosh, my Pandaran purpoes is complete. 

My horde pandaran is not “horde”, but is more neutral while helping the Horde sort out issues and bring peace to a corrupt society. The Horde need the help, whereas the Alliance do not. 

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